Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall, where for art thou?

Can we please fast forward to fall? Can we, huh? PLEASE please please? The mosquitoes are absolutely crazy this year- as are the deer flies, the horse flies, you name it. I believe that the bug spray manufacturers must be raking in the dough. I got a mosquito bite on my eye lid yesterday. Also, tons right where my shirt sleeve met my arm.

Danny had a deer fly half way in his nostril. It's just crazy.

I looked at my lawn- it needs mowing- do I want to do this? NO nada, no way. I may have my nephew do it. I am on strike from this weather.

Went back to Rhinebeck the other day and worked Danny and Lucy on sheep. Lucy's driving is beautiful, her out run has faltered though. Not good. So, she needs boot camp on that. Danny is going around decently now- his come by side was good from the outset, but away, not so much. That will be all the work for him now for about a week and a half. This weekend is a trial, and then the fair starts on Tuesday. Supposed to be cooler weather, so that in and of itself is reason to celebrate!

The one female Parakeet I have seems to have adjusted okay without her boyfriend. Figures. I know he would still be pining for her.

There isn't much else to talk about at this point, so I will sign off!

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