Sunday, August 9, 2009

My weekend

Yesterday morning, I woke up and wasn't sure what the day would hold- save for a trip to the market. I am still not better from my brain fog, and general weakness, so I have to sort of play things by ear.

After morning chores, I headed out to the market. As I drove up a back road I take on the way to the market, I saw some sheep in a remote field, all clumped together, looking, quite frankly, terrified, and I thought that was bad. I turned my car around and got out to take a look at them. They were in e-net, which was knocked over, and loose. I then looked at the sheep- a key thing to note, was even though I was there, they were still staring into the woods. Upon closer inspection, I saw that one sheep had a blood smear on her flank, and two had major bruising on their necks.

Since I know the owner (almost got some sheep from them a while back), I drove to their house, and found the wife outside caring for their Ducks- they must have hundreds. Anyway, I told her that I thought something was wrong with their sheep. She then told me that her animals were all freaking out this morning. She added that they lost sheep to Coyotes this year, even though they had traps out, and hunted for them, no luck. One of their pet cats was eaten in the back yard. She was worried, and headed for the house to get her husband as I left to go to the market.

On my way back from the market, I saw the woman standing with the sheep. I pulled over, got out, and looked at what she was looking at. The ewe had had her skin pulled from her body- from behind the back legs to the front of the rear legs. It looked like she was wearing a dress. It was feet of hanging flesh. I was at the same time angry that this happened, and very upset for the sheep- she must be in pain, and shock. The woman's husband had gone to get the vet. These are old sheep slated for auction. We chatted a bit, and I told her I would look around for a good LGD for her. They need one. Man, was that just gruesome looking. Those poor TERRIFIED sheep. I did notice that some were laying down, as they probably felt safer with the owner around.

After that, I went home, dropped off the groceries, and then back out to get other things I needed. Then home. Then I passed out- just about. I was so tired, I could just not function.

After a while, I got up, cooked an early supper, and didn't eat much of it. Just not into it. But, then I got my second wind- thank GOD. I went out and string trimmed, and then mowed the lawn. Looks MUCH better. I am one of those people who hate it when the yard starts to look cruddy. I take pride in my place. It isn't perfect, but it's nice enough, and it's mine.

Last night I watched that "In the Dog House" show- that guy has a Napoleon complex- he makes Cesar look contrite. I really don't like him. After that was a new "It's me or the dog"- a good episode, but that lady's red hair was just TOO much.

I didn't sleep very well last night, not sure why. Went out and played with Danny and Lucy for a good long while, then back in for their breakfast, and my coffee, and a few chores. Now, I am chillin'.

I may head out to Barnes and Noble later, to get another book to read. Shall see. Other than that, it's just cleaning, interspersed with dog stuff.

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