Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ricky is gone

Came home today, and found that Ricky had died. He was emaciated. Lots of diarrhea staining around his vent. I don't know what caused this. I know I have had him for a long time- can't remember how long, but at least 5 years +. The female that is left seems a bit out of sorts. I will have to get her a new male friend. Ricky was really a cool Parakeet- he would interact with me a lot. Just now the female, ostensibly known as Lucy, is now calling. I am sure she is looking for her mate. Very sad. You know, I have thought at times it would be easier to have no more Parakeets, but I do so love to watch them together, and hear them in the morning.

I am going to wait, to make sure she is healthy before I get another bird, but when I do, he will be a blue boy.

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