Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just the ticket

Okay, after lots of starts and stops with this fence, I have finally come to the conclusion that I simply can't do all of it myself. Between the fatigue and the knees, it just won't happen. I have sheep WAITING to be moved in. It's insane. So, I put up an ad, and guess what? I have already gotten responses. This is JUST THE TICKET. I will be able to set the line, and then the big strapping guys can pound in posts, unroll fence and stretch it. All very good. Then, I can go about working my dogs regularly. This business of here or there working just doesn't cut it. I get more and more depressed and my dogs just can't progress (at least Danny can't).

The place isn't the greatest in terms of outrun work, but it is decent for most everything, and the barn will be great in the winter. I may even be able to use the cattle pasture in the winter. This will be good too, if I get a ram- to keep him away from the ladies.

It's funny how you hem and haw, trying to decide WHAT to do about things, and then the answer becomes very clear. I was starting to get really depressed, because working sheepdogs is what I do- it's what decompresses me, it's what centers me, and when I can't do that, it is not good. Perhaps I need to take up knitting.

Well, onward to getting something done today.

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