Friday, August 7, 2009

It's a great day to be alive

You know that song by Travis Tritt? Well, it applies. Finally got to work sheep- just Lucy. Danny is on official hiatus until the fall, so he can grow up.

Lucy began to learn to shed today. Yep, it was pretty cool. She did very well, considering we don't typically, as in ever, do that sort of thing. By the end of our work, Lucy was getting it- getting it so well that she would not allow the two groups back together. As we started to walk away, the un-selected group wanted to run back to their compatriots, and Lucy turned back and held them from doing that. Lucy's most favorite thing is head on, turn them away work.

Then, we went to a really big field, our task was to hold for my friend. Lucy did well. She gets the whole holding sheep thing. Then, it was our turn. Now, I don't know how long this outrun was, but it was long enough that I thought it might be hard for Lucy to make it out there. She saw her sheep, I sent her away. She ran out well- not too wide, not too tight- perfect, honestly, if I do say so myself...

Then, she got to some high grass, high enough that she had to jump as she ran to find the sheep. She has never had to do that. So, she jumped here, jumped there, and then as she saw them again, she kicked out, and came in behind. She brought them back well, but as they started to bolt, she rang them- I can't blame her- that was her first extremely long outrun, as well as the last portion of it being blind.. But, then she got them to me nicely. We did a couple more, and there were some odd things, but in general, this girl has gas to spare for long outruns. Some day I shall have to take her out to a field that is long enough that well, she has to run on blind faith, and then, see how she handles it. No long grass though! We don't have re directional whistles for that! It was very cool. I needed that. Lucy really needed it. She was so happy.

Danny was just a co-pilot and found the day rather boring, I am afraid, save for when he could see the sheep being worked.

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BCxFour said...

Sounds like a truly fantastic day! Excellent song pick as the theme!