Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pledge drive

Yesterday I took most of the day off (had to stop at work for a bit) and then down to go work the dogs with my friend.  It was cold.  The wind had picked up and it was definitely glove/hood weather.  I used Dan to sort the sheep, and at one point, I sent him on a blind outrun (where dog cannot see sheep).  Now, he's usually good at this at home, but this was not home... I waited a bit, and sure enough, Dan came around with girls in front, not running them, but looking rather wonderful... I was very happy.

Then I worked Joe in the un-fenced field and he was good, but way too jazzed to do any real driving.  He's just too pumped/keen/young, not worked enough... But I was happy.  Later, my friend held the sheep for Joe and outruns are good, but he seems to want to do that business where he over flanks, and wants to move up to their side as they leave.  So I will have to stop him at the top to get that habit quashed.   His outruns are there- except for that.  He's definitely a natural.

Gas prices went up almost 20 cents a gallon yesterday. I needed gas when I got home and traveled many miles looking for cheaper than what I saw... finally found a place 3 cents cheaper.  They say this is due to speculation of the market.  RIDICULOUS.  This should be freaking illegal.   After filling up I stopped at MacDonalds as I wanted a strawberry milk shake.  Get there, and the milk shake machine is broken.  Sad... So, made due with soda :(

Sheep are good, one ewe is really bagging up, but she should not deliver until around the 15th.  We shall see.  Today I have to get the jugs (small pens) ready for the new moms and lambs to bond in for 24 hours, and will also get the gates in the doorways back up (need to get more staples to do this- another Agway trip!)

Cold out this morning.  Getting oil delivered on Monday.  Hoping I don't need another delivery until prices go down, but do they ever?   Hay coming on Monday as well.

Had a Pledge drive this morning... I drove a paper towel over some Pledge that I sprayed on my furniture.  Living room is much better now!  I have to pull the carpet up and get a good laminate down.  AND I need to get my heating ducts cleaned out.  The dust here is bad.

Made my usual pancake breakfast, having coffee and just chilling a bit before I head up to the farm to get the agenda for this weekend started.   Weekends are busy, but a good busy.

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