Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gettin' it done

So, headed up to the farm, after noting that it was darn cold out there... Yuck.  Got to Agway to get the staples.  They told me they no longer sell them on small amounts; I would have to buy $20.00 worth of them.  Now, I only needed like 6... So after asking if they had any that fell on the floor... I decided to just check at the farm if there were any left... So, I did and I found ten of them, so, all set.

First thing I did was to walk the dogs.  Then, I got the plastic on the windows, and then I got the panels together to make the jugs.  You have to finesse this, as the metal pics fit through the key holes in certain ways.  Took a few iterations, but I got it done.  Then, I put the gates up on the room doors.  One is good, but the other, I did not leave enough room for the stapled end to open- but that gate I don't want opening at all, so that's fine.  I can squish myself through if I need to.   Then I spread out a bale of straw between the two jugs.   So, other than water buckets we are good there.  Then, I filled the stock tank with water, and then it was time to feed everyone.  After that, one more walk with the dogs and then home to make a steak.  That steak was incredible.  Seared to perfection, juicy, done medium, I think the best I have ever made.  Have enough left over for two meals- made baked potato and Lima beans with it.  Now, I have chocolate chip cookies cooling on the rack...  Soon I will have some cookies, read the paper/books and just veg out.

Am so glad I got the jugs ready.. I was feeling very un-ready...

That's it for now!

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