Saturday, February 16, 2013

A great day to be born!

Yesterday was just beautiful.  Fifty degrees, sunny.  As I headed up to the farm, I thought to myself, that it would be a great day for lambing..  As I shut my truck door, and donned my coat, I headed over to the sheep.  All are interested in me, and two are hanging back, with one having an extra set of legs standing next to her... Ah!  So the early girl had her baby!  She's a yearling maiden, so I am glad it went well.  Baby was up, dry and nursing.  That's pretty much exactly how I like it!  So, I got mom and baby into the jug.  Mom did break out once as I went to feed the others, but I soon got her back in with her baby, and baby nursed, and mom fed her grain, set up with hay and water, and left them be.  It really was a perfect day to have a baby....

This wee guy is not real large, but I am sort of happy, as since mom is first time, I don't want stuck issues!  Yes, he is a guy.  I could tell the minute I saw his face... Another ram!  All I care about it that he is happy and healthy, really.  Someone commented that it was too bad it wasn't a ewe lamb... well, that is true, but it's sort of looking a gift horse in the mouth...

I went out to Applebees with my sister and her son for dinner yesterday, and went to bed early.  Got more sleep than the night before, but am still a  bit tired.  It was a great meal and I am glad I got out for a bit.  Oh, and yesterday I got a new book by Earlene Fowler- another GREAT author.

Today is clean up day at the barn, the house and just chill time.  I am still beat.  I think there is another week before any more lambs now.  We shall see!

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