Thursday, February 14, 2013

Getting in shape

Snow had melted just enough, so that if I felt stalwart, I could/would indeed take a walk.  Can't tell you how happy that made the boys- well, that picture sort of tells it all.  No work in this footing at this point.  This winter has been H E double toothpicks on working dogs!

After chores, I hung out watching the sheep eat yesterday- I always do that, because if a sheep doesn't eat, something is very wrong.  I found that the ewe who had miscarried, had "cleaned" that is, the placenta was ejected- I think it took a few days, which is longer than normal, but I am basing that against a normal delivery.  One thing is for certain, the placenta needs to be ejected, because if it is not, an infection can set in.  I had noticed that after the miscarry, she had looked a bit tight in her flank area, perhaps from cramps?  Anyway, now, after the placenta is gone, she looks rather normal, and brighter? Yes, I think that's the word.

Everyone seems good.  I hemmed and hawed about whether to lock the sheep in the small paddock near the barn.  My sheep really like to walk around, and graze, but there is no graze.  Nothing to eat really.  I almost did not do it, but then I thought how hard it was last year searching the field for the mother and new lamb, and how horrible it would be if she lambed in the snow...   So, I decided to shut the gate (it never got hung, Charlie never came back) using rope.  There is a lot of hay on the ground in there, so if a ewe decides to lamb, should be okay if on the hay...  I am deliberately feeding them all over that paddock...

The walk was great yesterday; two laps and my butt felt it.  That's amazing!  I forgot I had glutes!  The reason for that, all started about 12 years ago when my back went kaboom, and I had fusion surgery.  Your glutes are intimately connected to your lumbar nerves, and well, it becomes difficult to exercise that area, when you have nerve damage... Anyway, it's a long time coming....  Feels good to be getting in shape.

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