Saturday, February 9, 2013

Not spending money

I did not shovel at all last night.  I know I wanted to, planned to, meant to, but just did not want to go out late and do it. So, this morning, when it was finally light out, and went out to shovel, I wish I had... We got over 12" of the white stuff.  I did get the front stoop, walkway, one side of my car and 1/3 of driveway done.  Had to stop for some sustenance.  So, now, having just finished my traditional Saturday morning breakfast of pancakes and coffee, I am writing a bit, and will then head up to the farm to get hay to the girls, and feed them.  No walks for the dogs, I am afraid, unless we got a lot less than we did at home.  We shall see.  Sometimes I just do it because I CAN!  I gave two full bales of hay yesterday, and put it near the barn, so they would not have to walk that far out to get it if they wanted it during the evening.

Nothing but basics and shoveling this weekend. Oh well... I guess at least I am not spending money!

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