Saturday, February 23, 2013

If it feels right...

So, here it is, Saturday.  Looking forward to it all week, but I've got a headache!  Don't know why..  Anyway, got up early and got some laundry done and cleaned the bathroom.  Just finished pancakes, which I swear I do because the dogs/cat likes them so much.  No, really, I do love them too, but it's a serious high point in my dog's life when I make them.

I went and saw another farm to possibly keep my sheep at.  LOTS of land, 127 acres, but there would be fencing to do (I will not do it) and then there is the issue of lots of tenants around... some are less than, um, optimal...  I always feel that when something feels right it is, and if not, then it isn't.  I may still do it to some extent, but I do not have the funds to get it going.

In a few minutes will head up to the farm and I have to remember to get sheep food too...It's a usual Saturday I guess.  Tomorrow we take my mom out to dinner for her birthday, which will be nice.

That's it for now!

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