Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Red lined

Yesterday, I got to the farm and after walking the dogs, and feeding the sheep, I waited for the hay delivery.  They were very late; an hour and a half late... I left a few messages, but they did eventually show up.  Brought the hay in the hay wagon, and it was really not a bad shot for them to back it up to the barn.  I helped for a bit, unloading the hay, but the minute my back starts to cramp, I stop.  If I do not stop, then for every minute I keep going, it's like one minute of pain while doing = one week of horrible misery after... So, my back and I have an agreement, it complains, I listen.  It didn't really matter though, as it was only one hundred bales.  It was done very quickly. 

After they left, I took the dogs for another walk, but then as I was heading out, I heard a sheep baa.  My sheep are not very vocal, so I got out of my car to look.  I see the five lambs, I believe they were lambs, all up in the small paddock - they were probably getting a drink.  Then, they see me... And, as if on cue, they all then look at their flock friends, and take off hell bent for leather.  Now, when they run it is a sight because they are not tall, rather squat looking, and they run with their front  and back legs in unison... very cute.   Then, when they got to the other ewes, who are too old for such shenanigans, they just started darting around them, hopping into the air, just being absolutely adorable.  They were so happy!  It made my day to see that.  Which, after my day, trust me, I needed...

When I got home I was very cold, had a Red Baron pizza for dinner, and then took a hot shower.  Oil coming today, as they did not come yesterday.  Hope so, because I am almost red lined on the bottom of the gauge....

Now that I have my hay, for hopefully the rest of the winter, it's much better...  I would like to have stored more, but there is only so much space... maybe next year, we can rearrange things to work better...  We shall see.

Last night boy kitty knew I needed a little lovin' and he came up and cuddled his cheek to my cheek... Is that sweet or what?

Well, better get going, full day ahead!

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