Thursday, February 7, 2013


So, yesterday I realized that even though I am well educated, self sufficient, and I consider myself to be rather intelligent... the "rather" descriptive can mean NOT!!!!!!!!!

When I got to the farm yesterday, I checked the water, and it was slightly frozen.. "what the heck is going on here,  do I have to buy another heater??!!!"  So, I did the thing I should have done the day before and walked the length of the electric cord... which was unplugged... (shakes head).  See why you check water every day?!  So, I plugged it in, and miraculously the ice was gone...  Shakes head again...  Jeez....

Well, given that they had gotten all fresh water the day before, it did not have time to freeze... Chalk this up to another lesson learned well!

Dogs got three walks yesterday, because I am feeling guilty that I am not working them..  Guilt propels me to do a lot.

Made a great grilled cheese sandwich for dinner last night, I mean, the best ever!  This cooking thing, it's true that if you do it more, you get better at it :)  Not that grilled cheese is hard, but this was scrumptious.

The snow storm is coming.  At least 8" of snow, maybe up to 16" of snow, all starting around 5:00 am tomorrow.  I am going to get the hay down to the lower level today, so I can just go down there and throw it out, instead of pulling my sled through the snow.  If we get a LOT, the sled will have a hard time, or, shall I say, I will have a hard time pulling it...

Today will be grocery day, as I usually do that on Fridays.  Also need to get sheep feed.

We are certainly having a winter this year, cold weather snaps, snow storms.. It is good, because it's normal, and normal is hard to come by in the weather department these days!

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