Friday, February 22, 2013

Sort of function mode.........

Yesterday, I over slept, and my brain was on sort of function mode.  So tired...  Anyway, I got to the farm and found a new lamb laying near her mom.  She's a big lamb.  She was still wet when I got there.  I dipped her navel and put her in the jug with mom.  Mother is good and attentive.  I left them after feeding, and when I came back to put everyone in for the night, the lamb was hopping around the jug.  Tomorrow I will band her tail and pop them out with the others.  Now, boy lamb (who is smaller than this girl) will have a friend to play with. 

I am so very glad the weekend is just about here.  Busy day at work today, and then I have to hit grocery store, feed store, and of course, the usual chores.  We are getting some weather this weekend (surprise surprise).  Everyone will be kept in during the weather...  I am going through straw like crazy- another cost associated with winter lambing...

I feel much better today, had a good amount of sleep last night, and ate well. I have been losing weight from all this activity, which is a good thing.  Soon, I can go back to the Dr for a checkup and not be embarrassed.

That's all I have for now.

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