Friday, February 15, 2013

Ate a lot of chocolate

It was really nice outside yesterday.  As we went along on our first lap, Joey decided to go off some where.  Dan and I got all the way back to the barn and I started doing chores, before I saw Joe appear, huffing and puffing.  Don't know where he went...  He kept wanting to lay down in the snow to cool off.  See? Nice and warm!

Sheep are doing well.  I think the one early girl may be getting close, but who knows.  Will happen when it happens.  I wish I could leave them out in the field to lamb, but not with this snow.  Next year, lambing will be later.  Even if there wasn't snow, you just wonder if  mother could lamb, and then leave the baby somewhere (they will do that sometimes) and then you have to traipse all over the place looking for the lamb.  So, this is I guess, a happy medium.

We may get snow this weekend, but the models do not agree, even now, so either a little, a lot, or none... Hmmmm.

I am going to dinner with my sister and her son tonight, and I would really like to go to a movie.  Shall see about that.  Don't really want to spend money...  That's going to be so until the hay is paid off. 

Ate a lot of chocolate yesterday :)

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