Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Working more...........

Yesterday I cleaned out the barn.  I meant to have the guys put some straw onto the hay wagon, but forgot to ask, so now I have to pick some up.  Anyway, cleaned it almost as good as I wanted, and limed it.  Today, on way to farm I will pick up the straw and bed it up nicely.  There is a BIG pile of spent/soiled straw outside the barn, that I will either have to move, or have someone come and pick up for their gardens...  Either way, it can't stay there.  Problem this winter, is that the snow makes lugging the stuff to the hillside extremely treacherous.

So, today will bank up the straw double thick and then plan to get more straw on the weekend.  Sheep seem fine.  No one is looking due to deliver (well, as of yesterday).  They are all eating well.  I hope that one marked early was just a half attempt that never came to fruition and he marked her later when his marker had gotten a bit weak. 

Dogs are fine, albeit bored.  I think I may be able to walk them today (the snow will have melted enough).  We shall see.  They run around a bit when I do chores.  I know Joe would certainly like to be working more...

Well, that's it for now!

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