Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Momma's better, and thinking...

Thanks to all those who wrote me about my Momma kitty. Ginger is just about back to normal now. I am glad that it was a short lived illness.

Okay, well, for a long time now, I have been considering my plans for Lucy and I this year. Lucy is a good sheepdog- there is no question in my mind. But, one area where I would knock her, and yes, there are those knocky areas in each dog, is that she gets nervous- and so do I. I think I have created that in her- in fact, it was observed and relayed to me recently. Anyway, I have thought, and I am serious about this! of getting hypnotized, to see if I can get my nerves under control when I work Lucy, no matter where I work her. Either that, or some self help program where I can attack this issue for once and for all. It simply is not RIGHT that I get upset/nervous, and make my dog this way, and then when she should be able to shine, she doesn't. It galls me to no end.

I don't really like trialing- I have to say, I don't get a whole lotta pleasure out there, being nervous, and always feeling like Lucy and I have to do better because we are not a BC team. Even when we did quite well at a trial last year, it didn't really matter- isn't that weird? I guess because on that run, she worked like she always does (when I haven't wound her up) - it was no surprise to me.

So, what we will do this year? Well, financially, I can't afford diddly, and since I don't really enjoy trialing, I may do very little, if not, none. I will see. You have no idea how I wish someone who knows what they are doing and is confident, could run her- NO IDEA.

So, who knows. I know the most fun I have working my dog is just that- there needn't be a judge or audience.

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