Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gjetost mmmmmmmm

Gjetost means goat cheese in Norwegian. It is one of my favorite cheeses, hands down. We have relatives in Norway, who always supply us with some of this when they visit. It is hard to describe the taste- hearty is one way I would describe it. It is a dark brown. I just love it. They also have the most wonderful hot dog/sausage... Sweet, but not like you all think of sweet sausage. The fish, oh MY the fish is great. Potatoes? I LOVE potatoes. I could live very happily on all Norwegian food.

My family in Norway own an island off the coast of Molde. Above is a small picture of the vicinity. The last time we were there, my brother and I went fishing. The Fjords are so deep in some places, that they have not measured the depth. I remember I caught 13 fish in one hour, and not small fish. My brother was getting annoyed, because he had to take the fish off the hook for me. So, I stopped- I put my pole down, and let it dangle in the water, with no bait. A fish latched on to it. That was pretty funny. After we had come back with our fish, my great uncle showed us how he would dry the fish. The name of the fish was Torsk. A cod specie. Then, my great aunt made Lutefisk for us all- with, of course, potatoes.

Norway is just such a wonderful place- the scenery, the people, the food. I really felt at home there. When my sister and I were just three years old, we went over on a steamer- that's how all travel commenced for the first 1/2 + of the last century. It was how my grandmother traveled forth and back to Norway every six months.

I have so many memories of Norway, I can't even begin to relate them all. I do remember lots of Moose skulls and myriad sheep getting in our way in the road as we drove along country roads.

I would love to go back there, I would even live there. But, emigrating to Norway is no simple feat. But, at least I have my memories.


DeltaBluez Tess said...

That are some great memories and thanks for sharing!!

BCxFour said...

Ahhh so that explains it!

Yeh ahr eh norveegin!

That answers so many of my questions.

(spoken by a swede)

sheepkelpie said...


You know what they say? Ten thousand Swedes runnin' through the weeds chased by one Norwegian...

AHA! Now I see where my Kelpie verve comes from...

Diane- thanks, I shall have to put some of the pics of up our trips. Try to go to Norway some day, you will love it.