Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sheep property?

Okay, this is on the property. A little old farm stand shack. It could be useful for many things... This is the pond on the property- which has a stream as well, so water is available. Not sure how potable, but it's there.
Here's a view looking from the road. There is this tree off a bit to the left.

Here's looking from the rear of the property- that's the shack and my vehicle.

Here's another view from rear to road

This is road to rear view

Extra pic, that I can't figure out how to remove- ignore.

This is the neatest thing. It is an at least 8 foot high chain link garden plot. The fence is in good shape, and it would be PERFECT to put sheep in at night, or when I am not there. Good sized.

Here's another view of this fenced in area.

Here's the stream to the pond.

Anyway, here are some pics.

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