Thursday, April 23, 2009


My Momma kitty, aka Ginger, is not well. She started sneezing a few days ago. She has been eating, but is clearly a bit apathetic. This morning she pooed on my bed, and lay right next to it. She has never done that. She just turned 16, so I know she is up there, but she is truly, in every sense, my family. If her sneezing gets worse, I will trundle her into the vet, but otherwise, I will wait, as she detests the car rides, and the stress will just be too horrid for her. Please think good thoughts, she is my heart.


Chasing The Dog said...

Hey, you could try giving her some crushed L-Lysine in some canned food for the sneezing. It can help fight URI and is pretty harmless, otherwise. I hope she feels better, soon.

Darci said...

Hopen she gets back on track real soon. Poor baby.

sheepkelpie said...

Momma was sneezing like a mountain lion last night. I encouraged her to just sleep... This morning she ate, and seems no worse. We shall see.