Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's a Wonderment

Since there will be no sheep work this weekend, today I elected to do very little. Just a little grocery shopping, and then home. No cleaning, no nothing, sort of a boo hiss day. Anyway, I decided at about 1:30 to lay down with my book (mystery) and read. Then, I decided to try and close my eyes. Danny was in his Tucker's crate, and seemed quite happy to nap. This is a first- I never really wanted to ask him when it was decent outside. So, I watched oh, I don't know, something on Animal Planet. Then, the wonderment. I fell asleep HARD. I had several dreams. I couldn't believe it. I think I slept for almost two hours. When I woke up, Danny was just sitting there. How great is he to let me sleep? Well, I can't thank him enough. I have been exhausted since Friday, but didn't think I would ever get a nap in this weekend. Tomorrow I have to work, and then Easter dinner at my parents, so will be busy. I am just so happy I got that sleep. AHHH.

On the food front, yesterday was a hard one for wanting chocolate. But, I stayed strong. Today, not so bad. Maybe it will all be easier as time goes on... Clothing is a little bit looser... But, it may just be washing machine stretch....

So, tonight I am going to watch Groomer Has It- sorry Darcy-just so you know, I know that the show is not representative of the groomer demographics, but anything to do with dogs...
Last night was Chimp Eden- anyone watch it? Poor Tony really kept getting whooped. I think he sprained his wrist- in a few shots it looked swollen. That would be a hard job for me- working there- and dealing with all the angst in the groups. I watched Dog Town too. The Bloodhound- he is a cool dog.

Well, that's it for my exciting life.

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Darci said...

Just as long as you know, I wont hold it aginst ya! LOL
Danny Boy is lookin good! I spect he is just about old enough for a little round pen and some knee knockers just for a little fun and testing the waters. Hope ya had a fun Easter, it was pretty quiet around here, and I got a nap too! I hadnt taken a nap since I was in 1st grade, but, thats what happens when ya start to get old! LOL