Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She tries me

Lucy went at Danny today- in the same place as last time- on the deck as they passed. She seems to have this issue with tight spaces, and dogs that aren't subservient enough- or perhaps dogs she thinks she can be rid of. I dealt with it fast. I am getting very good at this. Danny at first yelped, but then he got mad. I can't say as I blame him. I was fast enough, that he saw that I handled it. I chastised him too (gently) as I don't want him learning that fighting, no matter what, is okay. Just a bit ago, I put Lucy and Tucker outside, and left Kylie and Danny in. They played BIG TIME, for the first time. Kylie kept flipping on her back and all around and it was very nice. They are friends now :) That' s so nice. Lucy will miss out on that. It really stinks that she is such a pain about dog/dog interaction.

And, bad news. Mr. Chips now has Momma's cold. Let's hope he fights it off well. I wish I knew how it got brought in to the house. There hasn't been new stress, but there are loads of strange cats all over... Please think good thoughts for my MEE -OOOWWW.

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