Sunday, April 19, 2009


Here is a shot of Danny- it gives you a good view of his ears. They look remarkably similar to his daddy's. He looks big in this photo, but he is still a small guy. Here he is looking rather regal. It is difficult getting shots of him standing up, and still. He usually is otherwise indisposed.
I just HAD to get this shot. Mr Chips has a BIG butt. Wow. Methinks he needs weight watchers...

Here he is looking decidedly feline on the prowl.

Notice all the wetness on his head/neck/ears? Danny does that to him. He was positively drenched this morning when I let him in from outside. I had to put an end to the slobber fest when I saw Danny actually pulling the poor cat by his ear!!!!!!!

Today I stayed home and did some heavy duty cleaning. Word to the wise. If you have vertical blinds, and they have that piece that runs horizontally in front of the top of them- take a look once in a while. The DIRT was incredible. OH MY. YICK. I also washed walls, all the curtains/drapes/cafes, and baseboards- all sorts of cleaning. Just needed to get that living room back to presentability.
I had a friend come and take my agility teeter and table. I wasn't using them, and she could, so it works out well. As we lifted the teeter, there must have been a dead mouse under there. Danny grabbed it and was going to swallow it. I ran from him and called him- as I knew he would down it if I went toward him. So, as he made it to me, I grabbed him, and had to stick my hand half way down his gullet to pull out the thing. Gross, seriously.
Something happened in the woods near me- a Hawk was screeing like crazy and Blue Jays were cawing. Something must have been gotten...
So, no sheep work today, but I am happy that I took the time today to clean- it's gotta happen once in a while....

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