Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well, even though I did almost, exactly nothing at the Old Chatham trial this past weekend, I was still tired from that, because, mainly, I think... of the HEAT. It was in the 90's. We are all just not ready for that.

On Monday, I really just wanted a good day at work, and to be back to regularly scheduled programming... But, I had told my brother that I would go to his place after work to help with the fence. When I got there, I counted posts, and then, we had to do corner and gate bracing with wire, and a tensioner. None of us had done that before. We (my brother, the helper and I) went into the house to watch the demo on youtube. That helped, like, not at all. My brother had watched it several times, so he had a general gist. We did one together, and then he had to leave. Okay, so me and the helper, and a friend of ours went down and started. By the, oh, 8th, we had it down pat. We had to put some cross posts in, and ended up putting them too high, so we had to move them. My brother notified us of that, and of one gate post brace that was put in wrong. Sure would have been nice if he had been there when we were doing it. It was the blind leading the blind. I am just glad I didn't have to turn that tension tool. I couldn't have.

So, by dark- that's after working all day, and then somewhere around 7-8, I had to go. All the braces had been done. My brother was starting on the insulators, and staples. LOTS of staples to go in. There are many many many posts, and each post needs 4 staples.

I plan to go back this week, but certainly not today as it will be extremely hot (again) and at one point yesterday, I got a bit peekid (sp?), and had to go in and cool down and eat something with salt.

The cattle (I've no idea what sex, but I think they are Angus) are coming on Sunday, so we have lots to do. Once we get them, then I have to clean out the barn, and get it ready. I think that the sheep will be happy there as well. I do think I will do some lambing, just so we can recover a bit of money put into these animals.

Danny this morning is wired for sound- he hasn't had a normal day in a while, and he just wants to play- but darn it, he will not fetch. He wants to guard his toys, and then, when I kick one he runs to it with another ball in his mouth. He needs exercise, so I guess just walks. I think walking around my brother's place would do him some real good. I think I saw some bear scat out there, so watch out Danny!

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