Sunday, April 26, 2009

Old Chatham post mortem

This is what my dogs did at the trial. Danny hung out with me while I was announcing, and took the opportunity to garner as much lovin' as one pup could ask for. So many folks came up to him, it was not unlike a line at the bank teller. Danny is alone, someone comes up, fawns over him, then leaves. Next? Repeat action. He really loved everyone- and met kids and a couple of really little toddlers. No problems. Even one who was scratching his nails on a rubbermaid container... Danny definitely saw the sheep, and wanted to be part of the action- and, he had his very first initiation into the big boy tub, that the dogs use to cool off after their runs. He only got one full leg in, but STILL, that's a big deal ;) Lucy was not to be out done by Danny. Lucy has always loved kids. Loves people in general, but kids- they are her favorite. And, kids love Lucy- as you can see. Lucy had these kids eating out of her hand- so much so, in fact, that they told me where they lived...
Okay, so the rest of the trial. They pulled the big ewes out of the line up today, so the sheep were more forgiving if the dog ran them a bit- BUT they were still pushing hard to their left. Dogs who yielded to that pressure were out of fetch points. The runs were good today, some very high scores. Bev Lambert and Mirk took a 92, Amanda Milliken and Ethel took a 90, and I think Bev's Hemp got another 90- something... Danny's daddy Glen took the long way 'round on his outrun- he went right, and covered a lot of ground- a LOT when you consider, also, that he is almost 11. Then, at the top, he got a bit political, and asked these ladies to move. They didn't reply, and it took some doing to get them going. At the post, a good turn was gotten, but then there was a confrontation, in which one ewe butted Glen, but he dealt properly with her, and moved her along. Time ran out just after the shed. Rich Seaman and the dogs he ran Ki and Boo, both did well.
But, with scores at 90+ it was tough to beat B and A. It was hot again today, but a bit more overcast, so some what forgiving.
There was one INCREDIBLE shed. Forget who, but a guy- the sheep were glued to him- facing the handler. The guy made a 10" (I swear) hole, and pulled his dog through, and shed off like a clinician at a shedding clinic. Seriously incredible.
We didn't have any big wrecks today, but that's okay- we had very enjoyable runs to watch.
Everyone helped, and the weather cooperated. Warren Mick et al needs some serious kudos for the best trial in the North East, once again.

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