Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good girl, Dopey Dan?

Worked Lucy again- Danny came along for the ride. I have GOT to get a pic of him laying in his crate on his back with all 4 legs up in the air- he does this on the way home. He is so relaxed!

Anyway, I didn't work Luce much- not a lot of time. I had her on a long line this time again, but a heavier one, and it seemed to slow her/make her work more tentatively than I liked. So, after I took the line off, we worked more driving, and she seemed much happier. The sheep are heavy as heck- I saw this even with well trained dogs. They just need the dog up their butts to move them. There was also one in the group oblivious- she would just stop and graze, and Lucy had to get very close to her to move her. It was suggested I not use her for now- to keep Lucy successful- Roger that- but I didn't mark her, so I suppose we will see her again...

One neat thing, was that as Lucy was driving the sheep, and it was slow, because of how they were, I was able to get her to move them faster by snapping my fingers- funny. Snap snap! I would say when I needed something fast... Anyway, it's neat that she understood what I wanted, and could do it. I think she liked the power, that she could indeed speed them up. We need loads more of this practice. Fetching is Lucy's strong suit. She will get it done no matter what- she has that drive to get those sheep to me, and will pull out every trick in her book. Driving heavy sheep is a taste that must be acquired for my lass. Don't get me wrong, she can and has driven nice lighter sheep well, but the heavies? That's tough.

A lesson came by when I was there, and as I released the fresh group of sheep to go to the other pasture, I saw one got spit back by the trainer- apparently that sheep jumps fences. Hate it when they do that! So, of course that sheep when spit back to the adjoining field, ran the length of the fence, trying to get with her friends. She was looking mighty frantic- no doubt wondering which fence to jump? I sent Lucy to fetch her. There were people/sheep/dogs on the other side, within sight, but I figured Lucy could do it. Lucy came around well off the sheep and went into cover mode- stayed off and calm, as if she could tell that this sheep had a screw loose- I could see the sheep looking left right up and down... So, Lucy brought me that sheep, a few times covering when the ewe doubled back- that stuff doesn't excite Lucy at all, from what I could see. I put that sheep up, and made a mental note about her for next time...

Danny got to meet a 10 year old boy. Now, this is great, because there aren't many kids for him to meet, and the one little guy he did meet scared the b-jeepers out of him the first time. Anyway, this boy was great. Danny LOVED him. Seriously. Danny would have gone home with him. The boy lay down and Danny lay next to him, and gave him kisses. It was just so great.
Then, my friend came up and called Danny "Dopey Danny, and Diaper Danny". That little boy thought that was the FUNNIEST thing he EVER heard. I hope that moniker doesn't stick. I had left Danny tied out at his normal place, where he behaves well. He was so well behaved my friend decided he needed to visit. Danny is turning out to be such a good boy. No, he isn't perfect, but he is definitely able to go out places and be expected to behave.

Oh, and on the way home I got a sandwich at a Mr. Subb- see? healthy choice!!!! It was great!

Never did get that Rx for Zyrtex. Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze. Today is going to be 75 degrees! My dad's coming over to cut up a log that my neighbor dumped in my yard- then I can plant my shrubs. I hope we get some rain, because if it stays like this, it won't be good planting weather.

My parents are going to go see Ronin Tynan tomorrow- I am jealous. He is an incredible person, as well as singer.

Next week is the Old Chatham sheepdog trial- can't wait. I plan to video tape runs (need to get that tripod for the camera), and help out if needed. Some of us are taking lessons with Norm before the trial- I can't wait for that either. Should be good. I am going to ask for help with driving, since basically Lucy has what she has from just me, and I think we have some holes in that training.

Not sure if we will work sheep again this weekend- depends. I have some errands to get done, and if I do, maybe we will. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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