Friday, November 4, 2011

What I Love

What I Love

I love that my sister is always there for me, any time, any place

I love that when I come home at night, I feel at home and at peace

I love settling in at night surrounded by a couple of cats and a dog or two

I love that look in my old kitty's eyes when she wakes up from a deep slumber, sees I am there realizes all is well with her world

I love that look in my Lucy's eyes when I ask her to come over for a cuddle, and to, the look she gives me when she gets that cuddle

I love that look that Dan gives me when we have finished working and he is bursting with pride for having done his best for me

I love that look my sheep give me when they have finished eating and are sated and happy to be in a good place

I love red skies in the morning, even if they are a warning

I love that no matter what stress, or negative issue comes up during the day, that I can leave that issue in that day and awake to a new day the next day

I love that I have found my calling in life, and am happy not only with what I do, but how I live

There are a ton more things I love, but that's a good start

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