Sunday, November 20, 2011

So, this year is quickly coming to a close. It's amazing how fast time goes these days. I feel like I am on a steep learning curve these days, and not terribly prone to quick learning... I plan to make next year, MY year. My year to do what I like- take a vacation, grow my sheep operation, and with that, get some help. I need help. I need someone close to the farm who can feed/health check for me, and give me some time off. I need someone who wants to learn how to raise livestock, and someone who will chose to go above and beyond, to ensure the animals are in good shape. I worry about that- a lot. It's in my blood. That one thin ewe again looks thin to me, although nothing is different from her, except for that, but I don't think I want to try to lamb her out. She was bred, according to her butt, but maybe she did not take. I thought last night I might have everyone checked for OPP, just in case. Of course, she may just be fine, but I think I will make the call. I may also give her away, even though she may be bred, to someone who will dote on her.

The rest of the sheep look great and are now looking longingly back at the other field. I believe that they just want access to both at the same time. This is something I plan to do, but I have to get the barnyard which will connect them, built. My brother knocked a big tree down so I can't do that right now. I may move them back soon, we will see. I also have to rebuild (and make bigger) the winter pen. Such fun.

I watched Dr. Pol and Pbs and Parolees last night. Both good shows. Wouldn't you know one of Dr. Pol's jobs was to test a flock of sheep for OPP! I stayed up late, and then didn't sleep that great.

Today is picking up leaves I put in a huge pile yesterday, and then I may be done with the laves. I also may mow the lawn one last time. Thank God. Mainly, I am doing that just to use up the gas.

Hunting season has begun (shotgun) and my brother has friends who come up to hunt. This means that the dogs and I stay away from our normal walking area. My brother got an 8 pointer yesterday. Needless to say, Dan and Lucy, especially Dan are just a bit hyped... Well, better safe than sorry.

I think there was one new sighting of Hattie the other day. I hope this next week brings good news. We are going into the third week of her missing.

Well, I think that's all for now, I hope everyone has had a good weekend, and you are getting prepared for the big feast on Thursday!

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Hound Doggy said...

I've been watching Dr. Pol too. I'm really liking it.