Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sheep move, that is going to wait until Spring. I have decided that given my sheep's needs being different from John's, in addition to all the hay I have stacked, moving them now would be well, folly. So, that will wait, but I am very excited about this.

Thanksgiving, let's see. It was a very very busy day at work and I was spent afterward. Nevertheless after going home chilling for about an hour, I headed up to my parents and set forth helping get dinner ready. It was a great meal as always. The Turkey was stupendous. The rest was also amazing. But, I simply cannot eat like I used to... Evidenced by the....

Most horrible indigestion I had on Friday. I ate Tums like they were candy. Friday we were taking my parents out for their 50th anniversary, and I really needed to be better by then. Tums worked! Anyway, I could see as my parents were getting ready that they were both very happy to be going out with their whole family and both my parents were dressed to the nines. I followed them to the restaurant and when we got there almost everyone was there. The place was gorgeous- it sits atop a hill over looking the town, and the view was wonderful. We had the big dining room to ourselves, which was great. The food and service were both top shelf. AMAZING salads, followed by excellent appetizers (I skipped this, but the crab cakes and Calamari looked excellent, and got rave reviews). Then, dinner, I ordered a T-bone, and it was succulent. Everyone loved their food. Great conversation, everything. Then we brought in the cake I had ordered at the Pastry Garden, which had their wedding picture printed on it. It was a chocolate layer with raspberry mousse as the filling and butter cream frosting. Quite likely the best cake I have ever eaten. Not heavy, not too sweet, just absolutely perfect.

When we finished eating we all went and had our pictures taken. My parents had a great time- I don't think we could have done better if we tried.

Yesterday, after work, I went up to the farm, and see my ram lamb being extra attentive to one of the Border Leicester ewes. And, sure enough, he got busy. I wonder if his first markings were just trial runs. She was clearly in heat. So, I guess I will have later lambs, if and when I do!

Tomorrow, I take the old ewe to the auction. I think I have a good place to back the truck up to- if I can get it in there.

Today, well, I made an nice breakfast, and all animals are taking their morning siestas. I will begin to function in a little bit!


Debbie said...

Google Reader had cached your deleted post / rant about GenX farmers. I read that same blog and feel the same way. Thanks for posting it and making me feel I'm not alone here! I run sheep for my BCs and I'm the only one around to do so. Raised on a farm, too, and lately when I'm schlepping hay to the hill I'm not reveling in the glory of farming... I'm trying to hurry up and get back to my idling car so I can get warm again! LOL Not sure what state you're in but if you're anywhere near Pittsburgh PA let me know and I'd be happy to come help you move sheep.


Kelpie and Collie said...

Thanks. Sometimes I think I am just too jaded. People who know *real* work do not romanticise it, and don't find it romantic! We are in Rhinebeck NY, and planning a trial next year!