Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am so busy latey...........

Kitty is almost completely better. He's still quiet, but coming along. Is eating and wants to cuddle. Last night he didn't get up much, which is normal, and this morning, he woke me up. That's normal too :) The Pancreatic enzyme levels were wnl (within normal limits) so that's negative. It appears to me that he had a whopping intestinal bug which cost me $547.00... Truth be told, I would pay twice that, or just about anything, as I am extremely attached to my boy.

I didn't get much done yesterday, but I did drop by the junk yard on the way home to return that part I got for Mark- they have him the wrong one. Today, I have to stop by there again on the way to the farm to get the right one. Last time I was there, fisticuffs almost broke out between two customers- apparently, some guy bad mouthed the other on Craigslist.... I have to run out and get sheep supplies today and grocery shop, that's one thing. Been really poor and am out of everything. That hay buying really just tanked me- and right after my school tax bill.

Didn't work Dan yesterday, but maybe today or tomorrow. May go down to my friend's place this weekend to work the dogs. IF I have enough money I will. Also want to get back up my friend's place to work on shedding more.

I got shots of the trial field, which I put up on facebook. The fields are awesome and quite like that which you would see across the pond. I am going to see if John will let me bring my flock out there for grazing in the summer, because it is such nice grass, it would prevent him having to mow, and my dogs could really stretch out their working scope, PLUS I would save my grass. The possibilities are endless, really.

Today will be working on cleaning out the barn some more. Ick. The steer manure is packed tighter than a .............. I don't have the words. But, I want that place cleaned out so I can use it if need be.

So, that's it for now. Here's a saying I recently read, and I love it:
"I am so busy lately, I don't know if I found a piece of rope, or lost my horse".

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