Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hattie was sighted yesterday morning! She's not that far from where she started. Gives everyone renewed faith that she will eventually be found.

Every night my old kitty Ginger gets up, runs to the litter box, vomits and then has diarrhea, and NOT in her box. Of course this wakes me up and I clean everything up right away. It is getting old. I have some pro biotics and I started giving them to her and as of last night no vomiting, but yes on the other. I am crabby today, because I did not get much sleep. I am going to try some canned pumpkin in her food next.

Last night I watched Dirty Jobs, and one of the stories was Mike being trailed by Bloodhounds- talk about timely. Mike is so freaking funny. He meets my criteria in myriad ways.

Did not work Dan yesterday, but maybe tomorrow. Today it is supposed to rain a lot and I doubt I will get to it. I may move the sheep back to the other pasture closer to the barn as getting the hay to them is a royal pain in the butt. I have to cross running water/mud and I ruined my sneakers yesterday when I slid across it.

No plans really, probably for the rest of the year... Money is tight and I need to get Christmas presents and any extra money I have has to go to bills, and toward my parent's 50th anniversary gift.

Well, that's it for now.

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