Sunday, November 6, 2011

We have been having just beautiful weather lately- just had to say that.. Yesterday, when I got up I knew I had things on my plate- first, work, and then grocery store, then to the farm and meet with Mark to go get hay. It was pretty late when we ended up meeting. When I called the hay folks, I characterized him, rather unfairly (maybe) as "lazy slow pants". I sort of chuckled when I said that, because it's cute, and not as offensive as other things I could say. In truth, I owe Mark a lot- because all he gets in return for using his truck, and he loads the hay and helps me unload, is a meal at the local diner- and he always gets a meat lovers omelet, and yesterday, I just got a burger.

We did not get as many bales as I wanted, as we ended up doing one less level and so I have to go back at least one more time with the Ranger, myself. I ended up being on the stack, rather high and even at that, throwing bales way up over my head to stack. Take THAT arm flab! After that, I fed the sheep, and then, on the way home stopped and saw John. This woman who gets sheep from John was picking up two old ewes to butcher today, for a party- this woman is just plain odd. Most times questions are answered by her with a silent smile. Anyway, her son and her get them in the back of her Explorer and left. These particular ewes had no teeth left, so it was time for them to go, but still.... She gives me the heeby jeebies.

My sheep are good- I am cutting back on the grain, Favey, my favorite ewe (original, I know), is fat. She's at a 4 and well, now that they are getting hay/grain they just don't need all that grain.

Today I woke up early, as the time change takes me 6 months to adjust to, and have made some pancakes and excellent coffee, and now I am just chilling, writing here and will be going to the livestock swap meet at the local Tractor Supply. I want to meet one guy in particular there, who I may get pigs from. After that, I head up to the farm, walk the dogs, and maybe work Dan. Will see.

Then, it will be home to relax (this is my one day off a week) and watch football.

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