Saturday, November 12, 2011

So... yesterday when I got to the farm, I see that my sheep are near the barn grazing, which is not that unusual for them, but not that common either. I was late getting there, so I assumed they were getting itchy for their one scoop of grain. So, I didn't even run the dogs first, just set right out with Dan to get the hay and grain. When Dan and I walked into the barn, I right away noticed that it was a mess. The hay had been spread about (there were a few piles of old hay I had not removed), the almost empty mineral bag had been transported to near the hay stack and then, the smoking gun, the thing that ALWAYS rats on sheep- the droppings. The thing is, the door was shut! So, I fed them, and then went to work on cleaning up the mess. They hung out by the paddock gate, the whole time, and then when I was done they took off for the back wooded area of the field. The one Border Leicester ewe keeps looking up at the hill field every day, I know she wants to migrate up there.

So, today, I will grant her wish. I will work Dan a bit first, and then, move the girls up there. I walked that field yesterday, and there is a bit of grass in there. So, they can have at it. They won't be staying there once the snow flies, as I need them closer to the barn to feed them, but for now, they can go clean it up in there.

Slept pretty well again last night. Maybe this time change is actually good for me? Could it be?? I had pretty much given up on sleeping all night. But, this morning I actually over slept.

Boy Kitty is doing well, but Ginger has stomach issues now. She's lost so much muscle recently, that I don't think I will have my girl much longer. We spend a fair amount of time with me scratching, and petting her, whenever she asks for it.

Been thinking that I sure would love to move to the farm. Would make things so much easier.... I doubt that will happen unless one of us (my brother or I) win the lotto.
For now, it's okay, but once lambing starts, I will probably be staying over at my parents up the road some nights. We shall see.

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