Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So, boy kitty, officially named "Lad" was not well on Sunday. He had several trips to the litter box, and didn't eat much. On Monday he seemed a little better- ate a little. But, Sunday night he was much worse. He had vomiting and diarrhea, and by Monday morning was definitely punk. He was clearly sick. So, I called the vet and said to a member of the staff, that my cat was sick and he needed to be seen. Surprisingly enough she said to bring him in. Usually it's a rigmarole just to get an animal in without an appointment. I loaded him in the big cat carrier and along with Danny and Lucy we headed to the vet. Vet looked at him while my boy just purred. He was so good. Vet was concerned. He was dehydrated. Could be lots of things- Diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel disease, Pancreatitis, who knows, but in any case he wanted me to leave him there. So, I did that.

I then went to the farm, ran the dogs, and then worked in the hill pasture picking up downed limbs from the snow storm. I find that when I am stressed about something I just get to working on things. Then, I went to my parents who live near the farm. I hung out with my mom and dad, and killed time. The vet called, said Lad had gotten b-work drawn, an xray, and they wanted to do another xray with a barium swallow later in the day as 1) barium soothes the GI tract, and 2) there was something funky in his stomach. I was finally able to pick my boy up at 6:00. The last xray did not show anything wrong, and I was sent off with Metronidazole tablets and information about what vet thought it was. He believed it to be a combo of Pancreatitis and Inflammatory Bowel disease. He said try to get him to eat, if he would not, then to force feed him.

When we got home I fed the dogs, and momma kitty, and gave my boy some canned food- which he ate :) I did get the 1/2 tablet in him, but let me tell you, I really worried that he would bite down on my finger... We need another method.... So, anyway, he slept pretty well, got up once to use the litter box, and this morning he ate his breakfast. And he wanted the Pounce treats I have, but vet said ixnay on them, so he got just one.

I am so glad he is better, but will have to wait for the final blood work results to see if it was his Pancreas or what.

What a day it was yesterday. Today is just brighter for me.

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