Thursday, November 17, 2011

Something here does not belong...

I feel like I am back. I am finally ready to take the blog to a new level. For a while there, I just sort of lost who I was, and what it was that made this thing tick. I love to share the good stuff, the weird stuff and the not so good stuff. I think my life is probably like a LOT of other folks out there, and for once I sort of feel in charge of my life. It's sort of a nice thing.

So, to that end, I am going to start some details to the blog. One will be a give away, probably going to end up being something a) dog related, b) sheep related, or c) farm related. To enter, all you will need to do is comment on the blog, and of course there will be lots of notice. I am an equal oppportunity chick, so no matter who you are, should you comment and get picked- which will by a multiply system- which means I don't pick and chose, you will get your package.

Now, I would like to do the first give away, but not sure as to what to start with?

Feel free to suggest.

Today no dog work, I simply went to the farm after work, fed the sheep and watched them eat- it's something I really like doing. Both to make sure everyone is fine and also just to well enjoy their company. Two lambs were head butting eachother for fun and at one point they were on opposite sides of a trail and I thought they were going to take a run at eachother, but they wimped out ;) One of the Cheviot yearlings is being quite hoggish over the food. The ram seems to enjoy the Border Leicesters more than the Cheviots. Let's hope he did his work on everyone. No favorites. He's a nice ram. So far. Hunting season starts on Sat (gun) and a friend of my brother's is going to be hunting, so we will stay off our normal lane way walk. Why he bothers hunting there when my dogs and I are there every day of the year is beyond me. Oh, just about 20 feet from the deer stand on the lane way that we walk on was Coyote scat- complete with some ground that was disturbed- like marking. Great. I hope the gun shots scare them away.

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