Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Auctions and Give Aways

On Monday, John and I brought the ewe to the auction. It was initially just supposed to be me going alone, but when I called John to tell him I would be there, he said he would drive me. So, as I get to John's place, I don't see him or the truck. Hmmm. I have like two minutes on my cell phone and I call him. He tells me he is stuck in the back field, and to get the chain and bring the trail blazer. Okie dokie. I hop in the TB and drive ahead toward the field near the road, and then stop and think- I have no idea WHAT field he is in. So I call again, this time with like one minute left and he says the back field by Kathy's. That's on a whole different road and the big field I videotaped. I have never been there from the other road before.......... So, I take the road I think is it, and I finally get there.

John's truck was stuck in the wet area outside of the field. Evidently, the bull got out and John used his truck to chase him back in, but then got stuck... The fence is not on. Of all the Bovines to get out... And this was the second time this week...

So, John hooked up the chain and I drove the pick up and he pulled it out. Then, we loaded the pen on the truck and I followed him to the farm. I had Dan bring them up, I put a dog leash on the ewe (I am going to buy a halter or two so I don't have to do it that way), and led her up the hill to the truck. She wasn't bad at all. I had a hay bale to get her started and John and I got her in. She really was no trouble.

We got to the auction and a guy was unloading adorable Holstein calves. We waited, and then they took my girl. She hopped right off the truck and walked in to the building, absolutely calm, and I really appreciated that. This sort of stuff is stressful to me, as I identify with my animals, maybe too much. We did not stick around for the auction, so I will see what I get for her. Prices are down, and she is old, so probably not much.

The next day, yesterday, my neck and back hurt so much I could barely function. John's truck STINKS for seating- the seat leans way back and no support. I have several levels in my neck fused and that means a lot of torque is put on the lower vertebral junctions and it means pain and spasms. I could not do much yesterday at all. When I stopped at my parents to try on a nice suede jacket I was given, I could not put my arm in it. My father actually had to put it on.

I got home, ate lunch and took a hot shower, I mean hot. And just got in bed. I am better today. Not riding in that truck again without some serious back support.

Plan today is to work Dan, clean out the barn, and clean my house. It really needs it!

So, that's it. Oh, and I am going to announce the give away tomorrow. I think it will be something you could all appreciate :)

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