Tuesday, October 7, 2008


After yesterday's meltdown (thanks sheepdoggal for your support), I made myself some of my pancakes for dinner, and that helped... I didn't get a chance to eat much during the day yesterday, and cereal just wasn't going to do it. They were very very good. I got an almost decent night's sleep, but when my furnace came on, that is, the blower- holy cripes- that things blows air so hard, I am afraid if my cats walk over the register they will be blown 10 feet up! Anyway, when that came on, I was awoken. I hate the sound of oil being used. So, I turned the thermo down to 52. Yeah, it isn't popular with the animals, but so be it. I need to save!

I got an update on Lucy last night. Things are fine on that front. I took out that horrid table I bought a few years back, and brought in the really really nice table from my sister's place. I finally have a piece of furniture that I love- how about THAT?! I even have chairs that will go with it- for now.

Later this month there will be way more interesting stuff to report- a clinic, getting Lucy home, a trial, you name it, but for now, just boring old life.

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