Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Putting it all in perspective

Sometimes, when life upsets you, seemingly greatly, things happen to make you wake up and realize how petty you are being.

My old dog Cori is sick. She presented with just looking ill to me on Monday. Brought her to the vet- she had a fever. Vet did not offer anything in the way of treatment. I requested blood work, and he gave me Dermaxx for her. That night Cori was in a bad way- laying under the table crying in pain.

When I got home yesterday, Cori could not get up. I brought her to the vet. Vet asks if other vet tested for Lyme disease- no, of course not- you know, he wasn't worried. She still had a fever- well, no kidding, because there was no treatment. So, this vet gave me tramadol for her pain, and doxy for infection (lyme?). Cori hid under the deck this morning, and only ate 1/2 of her breakfast. I think Cori is not long for this world. It is very hard. All I can do is keep her relatively pain free, and treat what we can. I am very upset, but I keep thinking that she may rally.

I have dropped Lucy off to sheep boot camp. So far she seems to have adjusted well.


1sheepdoggal said...

Boot camp?? I dont know if I could do that. Im a puss about leaving my dogs anywhere, Id be a horrible person to have to deal with, calling and worrying with questions and concerns. Id rather leave my kid at daycare than my dog! LOL. Youve got more guts than me! Hope your oldtimer is feeling a bit better, and if he has to go, I hope he can do it peacefully in his sleep. Sorry ya have to go through that, I can relate.

1sheepdoggal said...

Oops, Sorry, gender fopah, She/Her Cori