Thursday, September 11, 2008

Down to one now

Those of you who read my other blog "makin peace" will have noticed by now, that it's gone. I removed it. I decided that I needed to pare things down a bit, and keep it real, so, since my Kelpie is so much a part of my life- we will share- ain't it cute?

Today is not a good day for me. I woke up this morning feeling pretty crappy- like I have a cold. This is not good. Have a trial this weekend, and am still working flat out like a lizard drinking- so I've no time to be sick. Not surprised though- been WAY too busy. Bad part about all of this is that I need to work Lucy again before the trial, and to do that, I have to feel un-crappy. The other bad part of today, is that it is essentially a cry day for me. It's 9/11 anniversary. I have never been the same since that day. NEVER. I cry at things I never cried over, I find myself a much more empathetic person, and I regard with distaste, those that say we should "get over it". I have a list of every single person who died on the two airplanes that smashed into the towers. I will keep it always. Great, now I am crying again. Those people went into work that day, minding their own business, and never came out of that building. They left their families with giant holes in their hearts, never to be repaired. Some people say we should go on and forget, I say never ever forget. It is our duty to our fallen countrymen that we NEVER forget them, as they would never forget us.

I remember being notified about this at work- "A plane just hit the twin towers". I stood in silence in the admin office. I then called my mother who had heard, but didn't know what was going on. We listened to the radio, and got updates about another plane hitting the Pentagon. Then I went to the community room where they had a television set up, and I watched it all unfold. I was surprised how few people were in there watching... On the way home, I saw a woman driving the other direction crying hysterically. For weeks/months afterward, I would duck ever so slightly when planes flew over. I had nightmares about Bin Laden. To this day, I do not want to go see ground zero. I don't think I ever will. It would rip my heart out. Maybe some day, when I have grandchildren....

So, today is a get through it day. 9/11 is a day I look greatly forward to being over.

God Bless all the families who lost loved ones.

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