Thursday, September 18, 2008

More work for the lass

I worked Lucy again. This time my friend and I chatted about what I needed to do to fix the down problem. Basically, I have to actually do what he has been telling me to do, ALL THE TIME. Lucy has great ability/instinct, and feel for sheep. But, when she doesn't listen to my downs, she creates messes, that we just can't clean up in trials- it's not like there's time for that!

So, first, he worked on the downs with her, and then me. She seems to get it rather quickly. But, we've much more to go. Worked on driving a fair bit yesterday- she likes that- and the sheep were good for that. It was all in all a successful day. One little bobble or two though. At one point I sent her, and she had a nice outrun, but the sheep started walking off exit stage left. Well, we had been doing lots of driving there, and I think she actually thought "hmm, feels like we should be driving", so I had to tell her to walk/wake up ;) Then she brought them- and now, even though they are slow, she is able, when I ask to push them a little faster- she stays more behind them, and not so much wearing- that is good girl!

Another time I sent her to pull off, and there was a lagger- she sort of hung by the set out person, and Lucy neglected to get her- that's bad- but you know what, she looked at me, and I didn't see the sheep there... Sort of both of our faults!

The best part of the day though, was when I went clear to the opposite end of the field from where they sheep were glued to the pen area where their friends were, and sent Lucy. Now, a couple times there recently, Lucy was a bit confused when at one point a lamb, and then an adult wouldn't move off, but they wouldn't stand to her either. Oh, and then another time, a ewe came at her. So, given that she could use more confidence in these situations, I didn't know what I would see. So, anyway, now that I have digressed (sorry!), I sent her, and that little lass came up so nice and deep, walked up confidently, the sheep turned off quick, and Lucy stayed settled, and finished her moving between them and the fence and she brought them to me with me not saying a word. VERY good work Lucy! I try and not say a lot to her, because I think it's important that she figures out what is right, instead of me teaching her everything. I will be there to tell her if she is wrong, but otherwise, I will let her instinct guide her.

On another front, I gave my old dog Cori a bath last night- MAN did she need it. She has these cysts that sometimes weep, and she just has some serious old dog smell. I think she felt better right away.

Oh, and joy- someone (I think Nikke) peed in the living room this morning. Great fun to clean the lake up before I go to work- NOT.

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