Friday, September 12, 2008

Evolution of a Sheepdog

The following graphic is something I put together, rather hastily, of my Lucy. I thought the "Evolution of a Sheepdog" caption was quite apropos. The first picture is Lucy at her first ever clinic. The second picture is of Lucy at her first lesson. You can see she is a bit happy :) The third picture is Lucy working nice and steady. I may put this on a t-shirt, not sure, but I do rather like it.

Today I have to decide if I will head up to work sheep tonight, or just try and work them a bit in the morning before the trial... I don't know. If I felt better, I would be more decided. My main goal for the trial is to use a calm quiet voice. That is really the most important thing for Lucy. If I get hyped, so does she. I wonder when the googlies will stop, and I can stay calm at trials... Hope soon!

To everyone who popped on over here from my other blog, thanks for stopping by. It's nice to have you :)

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