Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Never had any children, but

Boy, this pup has certainly gotten me in the swing of raising infants... Last night was rough. Early evening he was really fussing and I ignored it and then at around midnight same thing. Both times I found why- he had to pee and did. So, after that, around 2, 4 and then again at 5 something, out we went. He really tries to hold it, but everything is so new. I don't do well with no sleep, but at this point, that comes second. I need to get him situated.

He's such an outgoing boy. Seems very confident, and happy, and such a sweetie. I am enjoying him, save for the lack of sleep.

Probably the next several weeks will be our journey to know each others schedules, and then life will get easier, I sure hope so anyway.

I can't believe it's almost Feb, and winter really has not materialized. I am not complaining, but it's weird.

I did get my taxes done yesterday - yeah! One less thing to worry about.

Nothing else is new. Sheep are being sheep. Oh, the ram was very rambunctious yesterday. Not mean, but jumping around being a bit of an imp. I actually brought a stick with me when I went to check out the ewes. I can't bring Dan as I could not get near them if I had Dan with me. Barn floor is drying out, which is very welcome.

Well, that's it for now. Maybe some pics of the boy... Oh, and I have a name!


Laura Carson said...

So what's the name?!?!?! I don't miss the tiny little bladder phase. :)

Kelpie and Collie said...

Tuff-E for tough enough, or Coby. Not sure. So far he responds to Tuff-e because it sounds like Puppy! I just wish they had a dial indicator when they had to go!

Laura Carson said...

Little boy puppies are so much more difficult than little girl puppies with regards to the pee thing, in my opinion. For one thing they sort of walk and pee sometimes...

He sure is adorable! Congrats. :)