Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The cattle that had dispersed into the woods after the fiasco have all come home. I am going to leave the preparation (feeding) to John. They just need to be fed each day, near the barn and a few weeks of that ought to do the trick.

One of my Border Leicester girls is thinner than the rest- Favey and the Romney/BL girl are both good- and they should be with what they are getting for food. I brought them all in yesterday to check them out and this one ewe is definitely thin. Full belly, unlike the other girl I culled, but lots of light under that belly. I think I may send her to auction on Monday. She acts fine, and has good color, but again, I do not want ne'er do wells sticking around. Will see... Maybe John has one or two that can go as well.

We got just under an inch of snow last night, and now it's warming up. Danny has definitely benefited from less laps around the farm- he's ebullient again. I think I was wearing him out. I got some house cleaning done yesterday, and will continue today. One other really good thing is that I have cut way back on my online time. My computer has an issue with Internet explorer, and I am frustrated enough to just say to heck with it.

Some of John's sheep are looking decidedly pregnant. None of mine do. I basically fear this lambing as NONE of my sheep have ever had lambs before- maybe the BLs but I don't really know...

Well, that's it for now...

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