Saturday, January 7, 2012

I actually have two days off in a row. I am sort of at a loss.. But I am sure I will woman up and find something to do!

Foot still bothering me. Wearing my nice dearfoam slippers, and I can get around but I cannot go long distances (like walking in a mall DRAT- I need more clothes!). I have no idea what I did. E's dog is out of commission for working now too, so no dog work for us. Sucks, but if it were last winter we would be snowed out of working dogs anyway. I contacted the guy I got my ram lamb from to see if he had any sheep for sale, he has a few already promised to another long time customer, so if he doesn't want them, then I can have them. It would be great.

Today I am heading out to Tractor Supply to get some more probiotics for kitty, as they have been just a God send for her. Other than that, I am just going to do farm chores, maybe try and walk the dogs- I HAVE to try, and then home, and tonight are Pit bull and Parolees and Dog Whisperer shows, which I want to see the former more than the latter... But, in any case, I hope I can stay up to watch them.

Weather forecast calls for warm weather pretty much all week. It's amazing. So nice- everyone saving a bit on hay, which is good because inventories are down all across the northeast due to the hurricanes and generally wet season. John gets his hay delivered on Sunday. I will ask him if I run low, if I can buy some bales off him. I think I will be fine though.

Made a nice pancake breakfast this morning- and the coffee is superb. Nice way to start off a two day off of work deal! Maybe I will go see "We bought a Zoo"....

Well, that's it for now!

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