Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dan was not good yesterday. I don't know what happened... We did some laps (my foot was a bit better), but on the last one, my sister joined me and Dan was just odd. He kept stopping in front of us, he was WALKING, and when we got home he stopped before going up the front steps (he usually leaps all three). I ended up bringing him to the vet. Vet checked him and said he was fine- no pain anywhere, save for maybe along his thoracic spine, but not bad... Okay.... So I bring him home and he acts totally normally. Who knows. Maybe a stomach ache? All I can say is I was a real wreck. I was consumed with being scared of losing him. You know, sometimes it takes time to really bond with a dog, and it took me some time with Dan, but now I am well and truly over the moon attached to him. I will see how he works the sheep today. He was so slow yesterday, like it took everything to do the work... And, of course I, as an idiot chose yesterday to put the ram out with the ewe lambs who he hates. The ram is bonded to the adults, and just did not want to stay with the ewe lambs. There were several tense moments, and Dan handled that ram very well. At one point in the video a fight ensues and it goes wonky (the video) because I was more focused on helping my dog with my voice. Dan, in true Dan form, all he needs is a GOOD BOY!! and he will go to.

Today I have another day off and plan to make some family recipe chili for dinner...

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