Monday, January 30, 2012

Yeah, that's the ticket.... I saw a stork fly away just as I pulled into my driveway, and there was this little Border Collie pup... Amazing how these things happen! Anyway, he's here now, and I have to think of a name. Nothing is sticking yet. Will get there.

The first few days in a new place are tough. Went from an ex pen full of litter mates, to just himself... amongst other somewhat ornery older dogs. So far, he's doing pretty good. When he first saw BC (boy kitty) he lay down and looked and second time he came up behind him and put his paws on his back. The third time inside, BC actually got up on a chair, as pup was getting a bit brazen.

I spent Sat night just trying to sleep, but that was not happening, as you never know when a pup may need to go out. Last night, Lucy woke me up puking. God knows what she got into at the farm. She likes to eat dead stuff. I watch her closely, but she must have found something.

This week weather is going to be pretty decent. I am happy for that.

Brought sheep up to total of 5.5 lbs for everyone yesterday. Will keep them at that until mid February. They are leaving hay behind now, why not, I guess. Weather is temperate and grain rules!

I have to spend some time cleaning and getting my taxes done this week. I should clean out my closet and put the organizer I plan to get IN the closet! I need to do some re-organizing etc.

Well, enough for now, maybe later will show pup-pup the sheep- just in my arms of course!

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