Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good Sunday morning to you

Yesterday, I was able to lure 4 bovines into the barn yard. The bull and three cows. Of course none that I wanted. We then tried to herd them down, and they went up toward the back field and then on the way back, one went through the fence (not hot) which was one strand. It was a failure.

I left a message with the buyer, but he had only given me his home #, and when he did call me back, he was en route, and he said he had confidence that he could get them in...

So, when he got there, He set up a strand of wire, and when we started to push them- up into woods (right over the hot fence) they went more than once. Then, they got them going and they stopped at a stone wall opening, and I was behind them on the mule. They all made an about face and stampeded around me. They did a lot of stampeding. There was no walking. UBER failure. John and I went out and bought some corn for them and he will begin feeding them near the barn yard. They are really just wild. It was really cold yesterday, and I found myself shivering.

I left John's around 1:00 raced up and fed my sheep, and came home.

I had hot dogs and potato salad for dinner, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

It's even colder today, so no going out until much later.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

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