Thursday, January 19, 2012

Think I have figured it out

Why my one ewe is thin. I think it's her teeth- specifically her molars. When I saw her eating yesterday she kept yawning like she was trying to re-set her jaw. Not sure what I can do, but I will give her more grain to eat each day on her own. She looks good, but maybe I will have to cull her.. I don't really want to, because she is bright and alert. Do they have sheep dentists, like for horses? I have a vet friend who would come and check her for me, but he's in Florida for the winter. Bummer...

Not much going on this week; it's pretty quiet. I have been getting some cleaning done, and that sort of thing. But, no work for Dan, and I need to rectify that. He's going a bit stir crazy.

Oh, yesterday when I got home the front door apparently did not shut all the way. The dogs were going a bit nuts looking at something around the front yard, and I ignored it. Later when I came in, I could not find BK (boy kitty) and I went outside and called with the cat treats and had a mini panic attack. If anything happens to him...... He can go out in the back yard, but not the front- it's not fenced.

So, I then go to the back yard and call, and I hear his extremely sweet meow, and he ends up coming from the front yard, under the fence (like he knew where that hole was all along). He meowed all the way until he got in the house and I gave him a few treats. He is such a sweet kitty, he does not have the worldliness to be out there!

I am extremely attached to him....

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