Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I found an old hanging scale in the barn yesterday, to use for weighing the sheep grain. I upped it a little yesterday, but even at that, they are only getting 4 lbs a day for all eleven. I spoke with my guru last night and was given a plan of what/when to increase their rations.

It was FIFTY degrees yesterday. It was SO slick out there. The ground had seriously softened and I almost wiped out several times just doing chores. I decided not to work Dan, as earlier in the day, I saw him slip and slide, and given that my friend has a dog who's got an Iliopsoas injury... I am just not interested in going down that road. Dan and I were coming back through the barn and skinny ewe came in, and Dan saw her and just at that moment she saw him and she did a 180 and left. After that I was filling the water trough and he decided to sit in the barn door and give her the stink eye. You ain't comin' in here!

Supposed to rain here on Friday. More wetness. I have to get some straw as the one dirt floored room in the barn is wet. Thankfully I have two rooms that are cement that I will bed down well if/when I have lambs.

Well, that's it for now....

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