Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time has been flying.  The heat and humidity remains with some small respites, just to whet your appetite for fall.  I am ready for fall, and crisp cool air, as are the sheep, I am sure.  They are still in the hill field, although only for a few more days at best.  This time of year the grass has slowed down and there is not a lot left in that field after they have been in there about four weeks.  The other field has had a good rest and will be ready to take on the sheep this week.   I wormed everyone earlier this month, and everyone looks good.  Lead ewe who had the twins did something to her eye, so I have been treating her with triple antibiotic ointment.    Dan has been a big help with that.

Joe has been on sheep several times now, and he's a very fun dog to work.  I am learning how to handle him.  Joe does not like to lay down, and if I try and stand right in front of him he zones me out.  If I walk past him (he just learned this) and call him off, he's better.  I may require a stand, that would be fine with me. 

I ended up getting a new car.  Mine broke down on way home the other day, and I barely made it home.  Had to have it towed to dealership, and had to pay for tow and rental (they do not have rentals).  Had a leaking valve cover gasket, which spewed oil on my spark plugs and it was running on only two cylinders.   Between that issue and the weird transmission, AND the fact that the dealership is so bad to deal with (and no loaners), I decided to trade that car in, at a loss, but I got rid of it.  I bought a new Jeep Liberty, with 4wd and a 6 cylinder engine that can tow 5600 lbs.  So, now I can move my sheep when needed and get that small camper to use at trials.  I will baby this car, as I need it to last...  Good warranty on it. Only thing is, gas mileage is NOT what a 4 cylinder gives you, so that's a hard pill to swallow.  I am getting older now, and I thought if I did not go for it now, I would not ever, so I did!

Got some work done on my yard, which is a big deal, as it has been so damn hot.  House needs a good cleaning, maybe today.

So, that's it for now.

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